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  • You'll Shoot Your Eye Out Kid!

    You'll Shoot Your Eye Out Kid!

    Күн мурун 89 982 18:53
    My boy asked for a sling. I threw in a little stock mod. Don't miss out! Or maybe miss out, what do I know. ----- Music: How It Began & Last Horizon (Silent Partner)
  • BUILD: Scissor Lift!

    BUILD: Scissor Lift!

    11 күн мурун 495 297 28:33
    No one said it couldn't be done... yet... here it is! (The bike lift I wanted but was afraid to make) ---- Music: Killing With Kindness - Jingle Punks
  • A Christmas Story!

    A Christmas Story!

    Ай мурун 355 190 15:22
    It's the time of the year I have one too many and get to talking... Be sure to check out Adam & Mr Pete's channels! ------- Music: Jingle Punks - 12 ...
  • Square Cuts! Fence For The Metal Shear

    Square Cuts! Fence For The Metal Shear

    Ай мурун 355 543 8:15
    Long time coming! There are different dowel holes for different material thicknesses. Thicker stock won't sit as far back in the shear's throat, so it wouldn't reach the rearmost s...
  • 7075, 7076... Whatever It Takes

    7075, 7076... Whatever It Takes

    Ай мурун 647 214 12:24
    Don't know if this was worth the effort, but was in a chatty mood. Come along for the ride as I sort out a few little things on a Factory Scorpa. We'll do bad things, I promise.
  • Building An Antenna for Johnny 5

    Building An Antenna for Johnny 5

    2 ай мурун 484 228 15:39
    Did you even know Johnny 5 had an antenna? Are you asking yourself who (in) the heck Johnny 5 is? Great question! To find out more: NYC CNC - BlondiHacks -
  • Cheap Ebay Welder -- WILL IT TIG?!

    Cheap Ebay Welder -- WILL IT TIG?!

    3 ай мурун 1 234 507 26:53
    On a whim, bought a cheap ebay welder. Let's see if it'll TIG.
  • I'm an Idiot! (Soft Spongy Brakes)

    I'm an Idiot! (Soft Spongy Brakes)

    3 ай мурун 439 749 16:08
    The heartbreaking story of a soft rear brake that took me to the brink of madness and back. Thanks as always to Abom for being a great sport:. ----- Music: Brain Trust - Wayne Jones
  • Maho! Now More Alive'r Than Ever!!

    Maho! Now More Alive'r Than Ever!!

    3 ай мурун 380 483 7:00
    Z axis all sorted! (mostly sorted) Good enough to keep going with the project. --- Music: Lagos - Quincas Moreira
  • MAHO's Alive!! (70%)

    MAHO's Alive!! (70%)

    3 ай мурун 317 309 3:16
    70% alive / 30% zombie. But... First Chips!
  • MAHO is Filthy!!  (Whose Milling Machine Isn't?)

    MAHO is Filthy!! (Whose Milling Machine Isn't?)

    3 ай мурун 417 680 15:07
    Welcome to my latest more-than-I-can-chew project: CNC conversion of an old milling machine. Just a quick walk-through video, nerding out on a milling machine from a bygone era. ----- Music: I...
  • TIG TAWK! AC Welding Aluminum

    TIG TAWK! AC Welding Aluminum

    4 ай мурун 449 656 23:47
    Frequency? Balance? Amps?! It's time to find out exactly what Willis was talk'n about. If you're jumping in the deep end, I recommend starting with some of my other TIG welding v...
  • Old Files: Rags To Riches

    Old Files: Rags To Riches

    4 ай мурун 317 078 7:14
    Old files? Quick tip / handy tool! #TIPBLITZ19 Music: Double Helix - Ethan Meixsell
  • Repacking a Muffler? - FAR OUT!

    Repacking a Muffler? - FAR OUT!

    4 ай мурун 577 557 16:03
    In this episode: Repacking a motorcycle muffler made easy!* (* the I-have-a-machine-shop version) Also some exhaust/muffler talk. Be sure to check out Pat Smage's channel here: kgproject.inf...
  • Turning Titanium: Trials and Tribulations

    Turning Titanium: Trials and Tribulations

    5 ай мурун 593 272 19:39
    Long video for a small project in titanium c/o Aaron @ Aaron @ Abom @ Abom: Stefan @ Gotteswinter: ---- Airport Lounge - Disco Ult...
  • Rotary Broach: Captain's Log, Supplemental

    Rotary Broach: Captain's Log, Supplemental

    5 ай мурун 356 918 3:28
    I should have included this in the broaching video: broaching with the work stationary. Might shed s'more light. The original vid:
  • Rotary Broaching The Night Away

    Rotary Broaching The Night Away

    5 ай мурун 843 917 14:59
    Sometimes dreams do come true! First cuts with a new-to-me rotary broach. Music: Action Time - Biz Baz Studio


    6 ай мурун 518 397 15:34
    My small contribution to Adam Savage's / Smithsonian's PROJECT EGRESS. (Commemorating the 50 yr anniversary of the moon landing) Official info, dates, contribututors, etc.: www.tested....
  • Moto Erratum! & A Flat Tire

    Moto Erratum! & A Flat Tire

    6 ай мурун 303 681 7:11
    Thoughts & corrections regarding the head gasket video. Also fixing a tire flat. Not what I expected, just a tire patch, but we get a chance to chat. WARNING: working on tires/wheels can be d...
  • The Mystery Of The Missing Coolant (Sherco 2.9)

    The Mystery Of The Missing Coolant (Sherco 2.9)

    7 ай мурун 422 063 18:30
    My bike is overheating. Which causes me to overheat. Time to get to the bottom of things! No-spoiler-update, after two days, all good now!
  • CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE: Single Point ACME Threading!

    CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE: Single Point ACME Threading!

    7 ай мурун 532 573 12:42
    Making a form-tool for, and single-point cutting, an internal ACME (trapezoidal) thread. What a mouthful.
  • Shooting The Poop! #8

    Shooting The Poop! #8

    8 ай мурун 443 397 15:14
    That time of the year again?! - Quick Adjust Carburetor Screw - More new chuck for the Milwaukee cordless drill - Indicator Stands / Holders - #8 Pyrex TIG cups - Third Hand for welding - More Cat...
  • BUILD: Dirt Bike Lift Jack Stand

    BUILD: Dirt Bike Lift Jack Stand

    8 ай мурун 370 065 8:10
    Why spend $30 on a bike stand when you could build one for $300? NOTE: this is a light duty stand. My bike weighs less than 150 lbs; if you build one, use your head.
  • 6YR OLD ON TRIAL?! - Broken Brake Lever Fix

    6YR OLD ON TRIAL?! - Broken Brake Lever Fix

    9 ай мурун 319 385 9:11
    New old minitrial for the boy. They grow up fast. Came with a broken brake lever, figured I'd fix it. Music: Cliffsides - Dan Lebowitz


    10 ай мурун 524 385 4:48
    You have more up your sleeve? Share in the comments! ------ Onion Capers & Glee Club Polka by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (
  • Making A Stand! Why I Love TIG Welding

    Making A Stand! Why I Love TIG Welding

    10 ай мурун 956 598 16:37
    DC TIG or AC/DC TIG? and some other stuff. Music: "Kick the Can" - The Mini Vandals


    10 ай мурун 555 303 7:44
    Ever cut a PTO spline before? I haven't. Know what else I've never done? Bought the correct cutter to do the job. :( Music: "TipToes" - Myuu
  • How To Break A Tap & Other Ramblings

    How To Break A Tap & Other Ramblings

    11 ай мурун 661 308 24:29
    I don't know what this video is about, but here are the ingredients: - Taps & tap types, tapping head & breakdown - Finishing the Lathe QCTP holders - Revisit the DRO's tool offs...
  • DRO BASICS? & Lathe Tool Offsets!! (SINO DRO)

    DRO BASICS? & Lathe Tool Offsets!! (SINO DRO)

    11 ай мурун 400 473 26:45
    This is what happens when I try to make a DRO install video... no install footage! Instead, in trying to figure out the SINO SDS6's lathe offset, we get into DRO basics. Absolute, Incrementa...
  • 15T-M2 Let This Be A Lesson To Ya!

    15T-M2 Let This Be A Lesson To Ya!

    11 ай мурун 460 388 12:43
    Gear cutting, start to finish: 15 Tooth / Module 2 spur. Evidently a few unanswered questions in that last one, hope this helps! ----- Music/Sound: Party Waltz - Sir Cubworth Lawnmower - Morgantj
  • Gears! - But Were Afraid To Ask (MiniLathe) - BETTER AUDIO

    Gears! - But Were Afraid To Ask (MiniLathe) - BETTER AUDIO

    11 ай мурун 249 804 29:02
    Sorry for re-upload... Same video... hope I fixed the audio! -------- This video is very information-dense. I apologize, but: nature of the beast. However! Astound your friends with how much yo...
  • Gears! - But Were Afraid To Ask (MiniLathe)

    Gears! - But Were Afraid To Ask (MiniLathe)

    11 ай мурун 1 112 717 29:02
    This video is very information-dense. I apologize, but: nature of the beast. However! Astound your friends with how much you'll know about gears! Amazing before-seen footage of Indexing, di...
  • ♫ These Are a Few of My Favorite Things ♪

    ♫ These Are a Few of My Favorite Things ♪

    Жыл мурун 509 851 22:33
    500k! Don't say I never take you anywhere. ;) Special thanks to (in order of appearance): Adam Booth: Colin Furze: Tom Lipton: Mr Pete: kgprojec...
  • NUTR: Ultrasonic Cutter USW-334

    NUTR: Ultrasonic Cutter USW-334

    Жыл мурун 1 043 392 20:33
    Not Unusual Tool Review ;) of the USW-334 Ultrasonic Cutter. More of a curious exploration, really. ----------- Music: "AI 2" - Vibe Mountain
  • Operation: Tap Wrench

    Operation: Tap Wrench

    Жыл мурун 638 017 20:06
    Small / quick project to kick off the new year. That, and to have a new tap wrench of course. Music: "Your Precious Love" - John Deley and the 41 Players "1940's Slow Dance&qu...
  • Better LATHE Than Never!

    Better LATHE Than Never!

    Жыл мурун 742 060 19:00
    Simple spindle bearing upgrade: small fixes to the mini-lathe can go a long way. The part numbers are in the video. I'd recommend sealed angular contact bearings. -- Music: Gaiety in the Gol...
  • The Infamous Mini Lathe!

    The Infamous Mini Lathe!

    Жыл мурун 2 145 945 28:19
    Variable Speed Mini Lathe! There is a game plan here, but for now, let's have a look and kick the tires on the infamous mini lathe. Lathe Levelling Video:
  • Easy Tile Cutting Trick - No Measuring!

    Easy Tile Cutting Trick - No Measuring!

    Жыл мурун 722 079 4:28
    I didn't invent this but it doesn't appear to be as common knowledge as it should be. Thought I'd share. In case anyone asks, no the walls don't need to be 90*. Works with an...
  • A Sine Bar Walks Into a... wait

    A Sine Bar Walks Into a... wait

    Жыл мурун 506 108 26:17
    Secrets of Sine Bars revealed! Cosine Error & SuperFine™ Lathe cuts! Music: "Cold Killa" - MK2
  • Build Your Own CNC! (Part 2) - Inputs, Outputs & Software

    Build Your Own CNC! (Part 2) - Inputs, Outputs & Software

    Жыл мурун 375 555 32:24
    Follow-up to Part 1. Inputs, Outputs and software configuration. (Mach 4) Part 1 of this video: My CNC Basics Video:
  • Build Your Own CNC! (Part 1) - Hardware

    Build Your Own CNC! (Part 1) - Hardware

    Жыл мурун 598 880 27:47
    CNC Etch-A-Sketch! Probably as good a project as any to get a handle on the basics. Very basics. Tentatively, the big picture is this: Part 1: CNC hardware / electronics / wiring Part 2: Softw...
  • STP #7: Saws, TIG Button, Brazing & More!

    STP #7: Saws, TIG Button, Brazing & More!

    Жыл мурун 346 780 24:13
    We've got a talker! - Chuck replacement on the Milwaukee M18 drill - giant HSS saws! - TIG Button remote amp control - More Silicone Brazing - Revisiting steel cutting on the CNC "lathe&...
  • Will the CNC lathe add-on TURN STEEL?

    Will the CNC lathe add-on TURN STEEL?

    Жыл мурун 386 622 7:13
    My router add-on toy CNC lathe axis thingy... let's try cutting steel! Note: no idea why some of the machining audio got out of sync. Couldn't fix it. Okay fine, I didn't feel lik...
  • CNC LATHE?! - Router Add-On!

    CNC LATHE?! - Router Add-On!

    Жыл мурун 1 059 166 27:38
    This video is a spindle build -- a spindle used as both a CNC lathe and 4th axis / indexer for the router. Working better than I thought, but I've still got a long way to go. Music: Tag You...
  • PuLsEd TiG WeLdiNg

    PuLsEd TiG WeLdiNg

    Жыл мурун 299 259 16:29
    Feel like talking about Pulsed TIG welding? And by talking I mean listening. Whether it's with an amp controller or built-in, use it to fine-tune heat input, weld out of position, or simply...
  • As The Motor Turns - UPDATE

    As The Motor Turns - UPDATE

    Жыл мурун 247 955 6:50
    Rise & Shine! Very quick update on the motor - All squared away!
  • Rise Of The Machine - CNC Router Upgrade - Part 1

    Rise Of The Machine - CNC Router Upgrade - Part 1

    Жыл мурун 288 495 12:30
    Before/if getting into a bigger project, I'm taking a new stepper drive through setup and test run.
  • Spinning Metal - Part 2! - GODOX Strobe Reflector Build

    Spinning Metal - Part 2! - GODOX Strobe Reflector Build

    Жыл мурун 484 653 14:41
    Got my hands on a more suitable spinning metal. Trying it again! Spoiler: spinning is still hard. Nonetheless, I push forward with Plan B for a larger strobe reflector. Link to Part1: kgproject....
  • Ends & Odds: DIY Bandsaw Guides & More!

    Ends & Odds: DIY Bandsaw Guides & More!

    Жыл мурун 479 623 20:36
    The top fell off the rotary weld table and the bandsaw guides are loose as a goose. Perhaps even looser. But who's to judge? Check out Keith Rucker's Channel!
  • TIG: Effects of Gas Flow Settings

    TIG: Effects of Gas Flow Settings

    Жыл мурун 277 699 9:07
    Quick vid on how your flow rate settings can impact your welds. Sometimes just a smidge more (or less!) can go a long way.
  • Adventures in TIG Brazing

    Adventures in TIG Brazing

    Жыл мурун 1 262 344 18:11
    Never TIG brazed a day in my life; always wanted to try it. Join me as I probably do a ton of stuff wrong! Music: "Danzon De Pasion" - Jimmy Fontanez/Media Right Productions
  • Thermal Cameras: Hot & Bothered

    Thermal Cameras: Hot & Bothered

    Жыл мурун 253 539 23:27
    I have no idea what that title means. In fact, I hardly know what this video is even about. But perhaps you might enjoy a chat in the garage? Mostly about the FLIR ONE PRO and C2 compact cameras...
  • Wintergatan's Marble Elevator

    Wintergatan's Marble Elevator

    Жыл мурун 930 748 23:41
    building clutched sprocket shafts for Wintergatan's next gen marble machine: The Marble Machine X! These are the underlying shafts that support and drive the marble conveyor / elevator. Spec...
  • BUILD: Toolmaker's Clamp Thingy

    BUILD: Toolmaker's Clamp Thingy

    Жыл мурун 1 406 215 11:18
    Not sure what this is called but always wanted to build one. Mix between a handvise and a bench clamp? Music: Edge of Eternity by Norma Rockwell Local Elevator by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under ...
  • This Old Tony's OPUS!

    This Old Tony's OPUS!

    Жыл мурун 625 007 23:40
    Filing and Sawing Machine?! starts at 11:00 This is an old machine: scrap metal by today's standards, but in a home shop? ... probably still scrap metal, but so far I'm impressed. Spec...
  • ThisOldTshirts!


    Жыл мурун 72 573 1:48
    You folks have been great... time for some swag? I'm make'n t-shirts. And not hammerformed out of sheet metal, these are real shirts. Get 'em while they're hot:
  • How Surface Grinding Works - Part 1?

    How Surface Grinding Works - Part 1?

    Жыл мурун 354 718 6:14
    Bonus footage! Title says it all, though this is specifically about grinding wheel wear. FYI, my go-to general purpose wheel is a Norton 5SG.
  • Dial N for MORE Air File!!

    Dial N for MORE Air File!!

    Жыл мурун 403 664 18:25
    It's here! The breakdown you've all been waiting for is finally here! (follow up to the Air File video) Clickspring!
  • Two Piece Machine Vise Build

    Two Piece Machine Vise Build

    Жыл мурун 898 912 21:59
    This one's been a long time coming: 2 piece vise for the milling machine and CNC router! You'll never believe how many pieces!! (two) If you're into vises, check out Mr. Pete�...
  • So How About That Pasta Machine, huh?

    So How About That Pasta Machine, huh?

    Жыл мурун 471 289 17:24
    Directors-Cut Noodles! Thoughts/details I took out of the official video. Long chat about the build strategy & CNC engraving. Plus some other stuff probably... I don't remember. If yo...
  • dial M for Air File

    dial M for Air File

    Жыл мурун 657 494 12:38
    Air file, anyone?
  • Alex's Pasta Machine: The Rebuildening!

    Alex's Pasta Machine: The Rebuildening!

    Жыл мурун 933 371 22:30
    Bit of a break down and rebuild of Alex French Guy Cooking's internet pasta machine. Looking forward to see what he'll do with it next. Hope you enjoy. For more info, be sure to check ...
  • Spring-loaded Detents, alright!

    Spring-loaded Detents, alright!

    Жыл мурун 536 397 17:27
    This is a follow-up to the DIY Filler video. You've got questions, I've got questions. ----- Music: 'Cross The Road' - Silent Partner
  • DIY Filler in the Home Shop!

    DIY Filler in the Home Shop!

    Жыл мурун 291 598 6:13
    Fixing a thing!! -------------- Music: 'At The Fair' - The Green Orbs & 'Smoked Kielbasa Polka' - Doug Maxwell/Jimmy Fontanez
  • Spinning Metal - Round 1 - I LOST!

    Spinning Metal - Round 1 - I LOST!

    Жыл мурун 605 969 7:31
    Metal Spinning -- taste the danger! First attempt, mixed results. You might have questions I don't have answers to... I'll get into details in the next vid. Just don't hold your ...
  • TIG Welding - Puddle Control

    TIG Welding - Puddle Control

    Жыл мурун 404 394 12:52
    Not much more to add to the title. Some thoughts on weld puddle control from a licensed & fully insured hobbyist.
  • Welding Straight Is Hard To Do

    Welding Straight Is Hard To Do

    Жыл мурун 401 355 20:22
    How're those long TIG welds laying down for ya? Some thoughts on tig in general, torch angles and getting through those longer welds. Up your motor skills before worrying about filler! ---...
  • LIVE!? - Welding Bandsaw Blades & Startrite Saw

    LIVE!? - Welding Bandsaw Blades & Startrite Saw

    Жыл мурун 332 393 21:52
    New-to-me old vertical bandsaw, great addition so far. Tour of the saw, then some blade welding with TIG. And the usual shenanigans, of course. So my "interlacing" joke backfired. Oh ...
  • Custom Tools - Brazing & Welding

    Custom Tools - Brazing & Welding

    Жыл мурун 610 634 21:00
    Ever wanted to braze your own carbide tooling? And what about HSS? Lots of talking early on, was in a chatty mood I guess. Start @ 5:40 and you won't miss anything important. When I'm...
  • The Rollenator! (Ring Roller Build)

    The Rollenator! (Ring Roller Build)

    Жыл мурун 1 976 670 30:12
    Building a small bench top ring roller. This video follows through on Bushing & Gears ( and Acme Tap ( Check th...
  • DIY Ultrasonic Welder?! (Answer: NO)

    DIY Ultrasonic Welder?! (Answer: NO)

    Жыл мурун 539 196 13:58
    Left home with a cow, but came back with... magic beans!! The setup doesn't weld great (read: at all), but it sure sinks some inserts.
  • Ultrasonic Cleaner to... Ultrasonic KNIFE?!

    Ultrasonic Cleaner to... Ultrasonic KNIFE?!

    Жыл мурун 753 947 28:17
    A little something I've always wanted to try... can I turn an inexpensive ultrasonic cleaner into an ultrasonic knife? ---------- Practical Engineering:
  • More Thread Cutting & Heat Treating (I needed a metal tap)

    More Thread Cutting & Heat Treating (I needed a metal tap)

    Жыл мурун 870 938 26:08
    Project hit a roadblock: needed a tap I didn't have... Now I do! *Level unlocked* PS Audio gets weird in places; my apologies in advance. ---------------------------- music: Bongo Madness ...
  • Asymmetric TIG - CAUGHT ON CAMERA!

    Asymmetric TIG - CAUGHT ON CAMERA!

    2 жыл мурун 133 286 4:38
    Follow up to my oscilloscopic call for help. Figured it out with a little help from my friends (you!). User error: I is dumb. But, finally caught the elusive waveforms on the scope. Exciting ti...
  • Oscillo-Help-Me?


    2 жыл мурун 171 899 7:09
    Pretty please, sugar on top. I was hoping to use my scope to play with / explore asymmetric TIG; haven't had any luck. Might be over my head with this one. Now I'm more curious about p...
  • Bench Shear & Universal Vise

    Bench Shear & Universal Vise

    2 жыл мурун 575 633 15:48
    Hey. How ya doin? Having a good weekend? Not a lot going on here, but picked up an old bench metal shear and (finally!) a universal vise. They needed some TLC. Don't we all.
  • TIG Water Cooler Than I Used To Be!

    TIG Water Cooler Than I Used To Be!

    2 жыл мурун 898 286 28:34
    Unexpected Christmas present! Arctic Chill water cooler for the tig torch. Note: not a sponsored video. In fact I proceed to destroy my warranty with an... ON-DEMAND FAN MOD! wooo... ahem.. pard...
  • Bushings and Gears: The Prequel

    Bushings and Gears: The Prequel

    2 жыл мурун 416 565 13:47
    Prequel to a soon-to-be-released winter blockbuster.
  • Shoot'n The Poop #6 - Fixin' Stuff

    Shoot'n The Poop #6 - Fixin' Stuff

    2 жыл мурун 408 757 17:49
    As always with these poop shoots, footage I didn't quite know what to do with, but you may enjoy following along. Fluke Multimeter - Socket Fix - 00:41 Nerf 2x4 - Cascading Valves - 02:13 CN...
  • Marvels of Injection Molding!

    Marvels of Injection Molding!

    2 жыл мурун 754 876 15:45
    Ball valve autopsy. Answering the age old question: how DID they get that ball in there?
  • How To Bending?!

    How To Bending?!

    2 жыл мурун 758 547 22:30
    Little follow up on the weld cart build where I did a lot of bending but didn't pay it much mind. Sheet metal, specifically, but this goes for all bending in general (sheet, tube, pipe, bar...
  • WELD CART BUILD - Part 3/3

    WELD CART BUILD - Part 3/3

    2 жыл мурун 332 841 18:44
    3rd and final weld cart build video.
  • Weld Cart Build - Part2

    Weld Cart Build - Part2

    2 жыл мурун 462 759 18:07
    Almost there! Mostly screwing around but some welding talk: torch control in 2T and 4T modes, weld distortion, that sort of stuff. ---- Music: "About That Oldie" Vibe Tracks
  • Weld Cart Build (not really)

    Weld Cart Build (not really)

    2 жыл мурун 414 534 16:38
    I meant to build a cart, I swear. Mostly talking about the cart, design considerations, and weld settings for the hobby crowd.
  • TIG Torch 2: Flex-Loc and the CK-80

    TIG Torch 2: Flex-Loc and the CK-80

    2 жыл мурун 178 198 14:46
    Doing a little housekeeping, thought I'd share my impressions of the CK Flex-Loc and CK-80 torches. -------------------------------- Music: "Snack Time" - The Green Orbs
  • Lathe Chucks

    Lathe Chucks

    2 жыл мурун 476 311 16:30
    Some basic information on metalworking lathe chucks. Which to pick, why, pros/cons, that sort'a thing.
  • Power Supply Rebuild - CNC Router

    Power Supply Rebuild - CNC Router

    2 жыл мурун 192 469 14:38
    Recently burnt out the transformer on my CNC router. Decided to rebuild the drive/stepper power supply. What you're about to see ... is a true story. EDIT TO ADD: I use Gecko Stepper Driv...
  • CAD, Master Modeling, & The Diresta Prototype

    CAD, Master Modeling, & The Diresta Prototype

    2 жыл мурун 205 282 25:49
    All the gory details of the Diresta prototype build. This video includes: a LOT of talking, CAD (Master Modeling), answered one or two questions that came out of the last video, and finally a qui...
  • PROTOTYPING! - The Diresta Collaboration

    PROTOTYPING! - The Diresta Collaboration

    2 жыл мурун 522 945 16:14
    Building a functional prototype, start to finish, from hand sketch to working model. The concept and sketch are Jimmy Diresta's.
  • Easy CNC Engraving (Mach4)

    Easy CNC Engraving (Mach4)

    2 жыл мурун 126 816 6:00
    CNC Engraving? Let's have a look at Mach4's built in (i.e., free!) engraving wizard.
  • G54 - You Sunk My Battleship!

    G54 - You Sunk My Battleship!

    2 жыл мурун 253 226 10:22
    It felt like I'd left something out of the touch probe video: how I'm handling the offset probe... so... here we are. Basics CNC Work Offsets, should you be so inclined.
  • DIY Touch Probe & Cheap Mist Coolant

    DIY Touch Probe & Cheap Mist Coolant

    2 жыл мурун 197 348 7:10
    Some unexpected CNC downtime, took the "opportunity" for a tune-up, added mist coolant and a DIY touch probe.
  • TIG with TOT: AC Frequency?!

    TIG with TOT: AC Frequency?!

    2 жыл мурун 269 388 13:13
    What does AC Frequency adjustment really do in TIG welding? Sit back, relax, and listen to This Old Tony go completely off the rails.


    2 жыл мурун 1 086 462 6:00
    Machinists' jacks are useful everywhere and can be a great lathe project: turning, threading, knurling, etc. Took the easy way out this time and used threaded rods and nuts. Welded and turne...
  • GO KART - Part 4 - COMPLETED!

    GO KART - Part 4 - COMPLETED!

    2 жыл мурун 1 436 614 11:14
    Save a few odds & ends the go kart is finished. Not sure who's happier, me or the kids. -------------------------------- Music: Strut Funk - Dougie Wood March On & Heavyweight - Ethan...
  • GO KART - PART 3

    GO KART - PART 3

    2 жыл мурун 1 156 292 21:52
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    Kicking the tires on a NEW TIG WELDER!

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    After much soul searching, went for the HTP Invertig 221 AC/DC. These are my first impressions. Spoiler Alert: it doesn't have tires. Matt Pratt's 221 Tear-Down Video:
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    GO KART BUILD - Misc Info

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    No longer a chainsaw go kart but what's a fella to do? Part 2 is a late-game engine-change & building the front end, including most of the steering geometry at the front axles. ----- Mus...
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    Sharpening Drill Bits - The Long Way Round

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    CHAINSAW GO KART! - Part 1

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