I FINALLY got a new phone!!

Clear phones are the best looking phones. Snag your Teardown Skin HERE: dbrand.com/teardown Before 'Teardown' arrived, making a transparent phone was risky business. Voiding warranties, ruining ingress protection... that all changes with my new transparent Smartphone Teardown Skin with dbrand. Teardown brings the insides of your phone to the outsides. Each and every device is unique. Your mom always said that its 'whats on the inside that matters'. And now she'll proud that her little nerd is all grown up and buying pristine premium phone protection off the internet.
Each device has a few Easter- eggs that we've hidden among the circuits.
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Small Smartphone Tool Kit: amzn.to/30LKXOY
LARGER tool kit: amzn.to/2DURcr7
Green Pry tool: amzn.to/1Tu57pI
Metal phone opening tool: amzn.to/1WdOFv0
The camera I used to film this video: amzn.to/2p7GtkX
The Lens I used for this video: amzn.to/1QOXDw2
Wide angle lens: amzn.to/2qiYM4u
And this Metabones adapter: amzn.to/2iZ67Ty
This is the drone I use: click.dji.com/AI2tmSb0onM9XPVwb-Se0g
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  • Is this new channel of Jonny sins

    Pro gamerPro gamer4 саат мурун
  • My mom used an iphone 5 for 7 years

    Afiq HayqalAfiq Hayqal4 саат мурун
  • the grass is greener where you water it

    Susie WongSusie Wong4 саат мурун
  • If Jerry changes to note 10+ then I am not in the dilemma of iPhone 11 pro or note 10 ... Samsung here I come!!!!!

    katram11katram114 саат мурун
  • Atleast you make original things not stealing ideas tho :D

    PetrePetre4 саат мурун
  • Make one for the 7T please.

    Trace C.Trace C.4 саат мурун
  • 5:19 He's just trying to check our vibes.

    Wise KnackWise Knack4 саат мурун
  • If I sprayed clear coat on the case will that mess up the print?

    Oek FohOek Foh5 саат мурун
  • Hey mate just ordered a case for Note 10 plus and buds skins, can't wait

    Oek FohOek Foh5 саат мурун
  • OMG the keyboard was burned into the screen that's insane😮

    Augustas PaulauskasAugustas Paulauskas5 саат мурун
  • *s8 is unusable after 2 1/2 yrs* Apple: let us introduce ourselves Jerry : I don’t think I will

    Aditya BhardwajAditya Bhardwaj5 саат мурун
  • Oh wow he does not tear that down

    Yashkant GuptaYashkant Gupta5 саат мурун
  • He stoned af

    LiendertLiendert5 саат мурун
  • Its that voice changer

    xxxdarkside LEGENDSxxxdarkside LEGENDS5 саат мурун
  • Funny how you get new phones every month or so and you never upgraded from your s8

    The PhoenixThe Phoenix5 саат мурун
  • Dbrand is the coolest company out there.

    Sankarshan GhoshSankarshan Ghosh5 саат мурун
  • I am still using a moto G4 it can easily do any task with ease. Cameras are ok but i dont use them that much. Don't really want a new phone

    DARTH ASHDARTH ASH6 саат мурун
  • Why are your ears pointed?

    Leo !Leo !6 саат мурун
  • This was the best advertisement clickbait

    Bryce PickettBryce Pickett6 саат мурун
  • Samsung isnt the best anymore? Come on..

    Shenal DilmithShenal Dilmith6 саат мурун
  • Same with me my gmail emails dont come thro on my galaxy s8

    Will DWill D6 саат мурун
  • "Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself" DEMONITIZED!

    6406407 саат мурун
  • So mr. clean's making phone videos now?

    TheMan OnTheCouchTheMan OnTheCouch7 саат мурун
  • Are you Thanos ?

    Vann Da and Dit Way LyricsVann Da and Dit Way Lyrics7 саат мурун
  • Bad job, no Samsung S10e skin ;(

    Anatoly YakubovAnatoly Yakubov7 саат мурун
  • Went for the S10+ but with Note were still on the same page in a certain way

    Wilbert PostWilbert Post7 саат мурун
  • Absolutely awesome skins and cases IDEA can't wait to install an apple iPhone XS max skin on my UMIDIGI one max as they're so similar ! I may do my own installation video if requested ?

    paul drozdpaul drozd7 саат мурун
  • my S8+ has keyboard burn in and the top ear speaker went out so im stuck with speaker phone, aswell the charge port went out in the first 2 months and i have since been on wireless charging.

    jackNinety2onehundredjackNinety2onehundred7 саат мурун
  • "jeffery epstien didnt killl himself" Now I want a pixel 3 just to buy this skin

    PotatoPanPotatoPan7 саат мурун
  • really need reviews from people about usage after such a long time

    Max ClydeMax Clyde7 саат мурун
  • Its Hard to Scratch , Broke Phones With A Peaceful Voice 😂

    Krish AsnaniKrish Asnani8 саат мурун
  • Cracked my iphone 11 pro max recently i guess im buying a new phone

    2013danrazor2013danrazor8 саат мурун
  • I actually love that case and I want one really bad

    V1K1NGV1K1NG8 саат мурун
  • Huh ,New phone you say...

    Hamza HaythamHamza Haytham9 саат мурун
  • I'm getting a case for my ddad

    XxFrankSniperxX BrozXxFrankSniperxX Broz9 саат мурун
  • Not for the s10e

    Sektion_Mast Seiten_SifirSektion_Mast Seiten_Sifir10 саат мурун
  • Yeeeeess!! Finally

  • Lol just after 2 years Samsung phones r in this state. Look at the iPhones the 6 is still going strong!!!

    Druhin RathoreDruhin Rathore10 саат мурун
  • K20/ Mi 9T teardown skin please

    Mohnish DuttaMohnish Dutta10 саат мурун
  • My father used his samsung galaxy S5 for 6 years and it still works he just bought a New phone last year😂😂

    cynthia jebarajcynthia jebaraj10 саат мурун