Monster Hunter World Iceborne | What Is Furious Rajang?

Let's take a look at Furious Rajang from previous games to get an idea of how it'll be in Monster Hunter World Iceborne.
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  • A fucking asshole that's what he is 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂 omg I hate this guy

    BillyRvilBillyRvil6 күн мурун
  • MH Devs: You see hunter... You aren't dealing with the avarage Rajang anymore.... Hunter: OOHH!...MYYY!!... GOOOOOODD!!!!!! MH Dev: He has risen above and become a nightmare.....a nightmare you fear...

    Fulgore EliteFulgore Elite13 күн мурун
  • The Furious version of the armor goes hard on the Sun Wukong reference and I love it.

    loafheroloafhero14 күн мурун
  • Hunter: Common guys haven’t you figured it out already... Raj(Rage) and Ang(anger)...rageanger...Rajang. Furious Rage + Anger Furious Rajang: your life is now!

    Sean John JrSean John Jr16 күн мурун
  • Great more Broken Monsters.

    Makkusan ZettoMakkusan Zetto19 күн мурун
  • Furious George

    Girl GamerGirl Gamer19 күн мурун
  • Oh 69k views, well I’m going to die

    Drake PettyDrake Petty20 күн мурун
  • As if this king Kong pumba looking MF wasn't raging enough smh.

    Sleeping ConsciousSleeping Conscious22 күн мурун
  • What is a furious Rajang? A golden ape which every saiyan on planet vegeta held as a pet back then. I need that guild card title for hunting an arch tempered furious Rajang. Wonder what will be harder, he or Extreme Behemoth. If Extreme Behemoth releases for Master Rank, I think his Ecliptic meteor will be so devastating that it affects other players in their quests.

    MeteorcMeteorc27 күн мурун
  • The most stat cart is coming to iceborne. Lol. The first week 1 billion carts.

    Teener MeenerTeener Meener28 күн мурун
  • reg ranjang: *200.00% ANGEREY* furious ranjang: *???.??% M A D*

    Dank_SoulsDank_Souls29 күн мурун
  • I'm not gonna lie, it feels underwhelming after killing Apex ones for lunches.

    Kinra JadeKinra JadeАй мурун
  • What if they butcher Furious Rajang Armor designs?

    FubukioFubukioАй мурун
  • In short, a furious rajang is a rajang that still bitches about its tail being cut off

  • Still waiting to see the Boulder throw.

    blank manblank manАй мурун
  • Angry.

    Cyrus KCyrus KАй мурун
  • Ruin nergi: pfft furious rajang? Nothing compared to me! Furious rajang: what you say bitch? Ruin nergi: nothing! Nothing at all.......

    ForestForestАй мурун

    analockmananalockmanАй мурун
  • Have you ever wondered what would happen if an angry baboon ate a nuke? Thats Furious Rajang

    WilliamWilliamАй мурун
  • ah furious rajang is giving me such a hard on..and just a friendly TIP... he doesnt have a tail in this state

    LetMeBeDatGuyLetMeBeDatGuyАй мурун
    • Meaning you can't force him to power down.

      Alex MercerAlex Mercer24 күн мурун
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="20">0:20</a> here we see the mightiest and most annoying monster in monster hunter series, beside it is a furious rajang

    Shiina MashiroShiina MashiroАй мурун
  • He's gonna go super sayain 4

    Grÿmoda 009Grÿmoda 009Ай мурун
  • Just hope he has his BIG ROCK THROW attack

    GoRyderGoRyderАй мурун
  • Weapon with shields is a MUST for this battle. Seriously. Or at least divine blessing lvl5 lol.

    Amat MulishaAmat MulishaАй мурун
  • fun..................

    agito 97agito 97Ай мурун
  • Guys, furious rajang is just rajang training for the cell games.

    DatOneNamedKirbyDatOneNamedKirbyАй мурун
  • I am just hoping capcom, will not make AT version of it... please

    Vladimir NovikovVladimir NovikovАй мурун
  • The mere sight of furious rajang will make me seize out

    Asian VoldemortAsian VoldemortАй мурун
  • "What is Furious Rajang?" Carts... Loads and loads of carts.

    Marquee UngovernableMarquee UngovernableАй мурун
  • Have fun boys, i’d rather shiny hunt in PKMN then face this dude, especially since he can become a tempered, f*ck that.

    DannyCake DeVitoDannyCake DeVitoАй мурун
  • Good thing I have 3 builds that make rajang really easy without cheesing it like with a lbg

    TheDoomlord7TheDoomlord7Ай мурун
  • Arekkz you forgot to mention that he has no tail 🤙

    Luffy26hawaiiLuffy26hawaiiАй мурун
  • My brain just exploded thinking about a Rajang vs Furious Rajang turf war 🤯

    Guillermo RodriguezGuillermo RodriguezАй мурун
  • "What is furious rajang" muscle and rage

    Misaka MikotoMisaka MikotoАй мурун
  • He has achieved Super Saiyan 2!

    Colt PHNTMColt PHNTMАй мурун
  • haven't tried rajang even from older MH games so hearing "perma super saiyan" is like asking me if I still want to continue playing this game

    Kabadong BertoKabadong BertoАй мурун
  • I wonder how bad it will be for the solo hunters such as myself. I still haven't taken on tempered Rajang. It's going to be a rough learning curve I assume. 😨

    YaowBucketHEADYaowBucketHEADАй мурун
  • Deviant rajang

    tommy Hayestommy HayesАй мурун
  • For you see, Sapphire Star, you're not dealing with the average Fanged Beast anymore....

    Garrett SenoGarrett SenoАй мурун
  • Hunters: what the hell are you? Furious rajang: death

    battle botbattle botАй мурун
  • Am I in the minority of people not looking forward to these new variants?

    john reyesjohn reyesАй мурун
  • Please, please capcon! Give them the ability to throw half the map at you!

    Nicholas ThomasNicholas ThomasАй мурун
  • Yeah theirs no way in hell I'm hunting a HARDER Rajang much less a pissed off Brachydios, in fact these two coming to Iceborne pretty much killed any remaining fun I had left for this game.

    zarnon11zarnon11Ай мурун
  • I just want his spirit bomb sized Boulder to make it in

    ChurrosChurrosАй мурун
  • I wonder if he will get the spiritbomb?

    DarkheroNateXDarkheroNateXАй мурун
  • An asshole. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.

    Guy DaiGuy DaiАй мурун
  • I hope he can pickup half of the stage

    T.R TOMT.R TOMАй мурун
  • Normal Rajang is harder than most tempered monsters...

    Steve WalkerSteve WalkerАй мурун
  • Standard attack gonna be a one hit 😭

    [Insert Name Here][Insert Name Here]Ай мурун
  • Yeah I want to see him throw that 2BR Condo Unit in High Definition

    Tak DreTak DreАй мурун
  • That prided using a full Rajang set and Full upgraded weapon

    ChocoboKidChocoboKidАй мурун
  • I am more concerned with the bullfango more than anything else on that video

    chucheenesschucheenessАй мурун
  • I see a bullfango, memories of me flying came back

    Mannil BarlizoMannil BarlizoАй мурун
  • What is furious Rajang? Butthole tenderizer

    amrit harbajanamrit harbajanАй мурун
  • The armor better be good

    mystic fox2002mystic fox2002Ай мурун
  • "They stole my tail, I'll end theirs"

    James TrotmanJames TrotmanАй мурун
  • Thank you Arekkz. I felt like I was the only one in the community saying that its too soon to release the Fury

    Rizle 876Rizle 876Ай мурун
  • He puts the ape in rape

    The meow-sicianThe meow-sicianАй мурун
  • all things considering furious is probably going to get the scarred yian garuga treatment, it is just a tempered rajang

    Grand PhantasmaGrand PhantasmaАй мурун
  • sticky 3 will shut his ass

    Allan LaoAllan LaoАй мурун
  • This isn't fair how the fuck am I supposed to kill a super saiyan? My chicken hammer can only do so much.. Better pack the boombug traps..

    Mukuro IkusabaMukuro IkusabaАй мурун
  • What is furious Rajang? It means More Triple Carts needs

    MrJohnKiller225MrJohnKiller225Ай мурун
  • In mhfu we called him ascended super Saiyan

    DeadshilzDeadshilzАй мурун
  • Arekkz!!!! Show muscle!!!!

    星川ズムラー星川ズムラーАй мурун
  • I hope his armor set is resentment but self activated. Like it causes a light DOT to make a powered up level of resentment. Because right now resentment is kind of meh 😕.

    Desmond BurtonDesmond BurtonАй мурун
  • I hope he gets the Continent Chuck.

    Verbose ModeVerbose ModeАй мурун
  • Furious Rajang is your girlfriend when it's that time of the month!

    chatswood18chatswood18Ай мурун
  • Furious Rajang: I am Thunder. I am.... Death

    SpooksSpooksАй мурун
  • What I find kind of annoying is how incredibly superior the Master Rank Teostra armor set is to all others if you use weapons with a sharpness gauge, that set bonus is just too good to ignore, I hope the armor set from this guy will be better, so I can finally wear something else

    The LytzThe LytzАй мурун
    • Protective polish is good

  • here we go rajang faster and mor dmg...thx mhw

    cyuubicyuubiАй мурун
  • In gen/Gu the monsters fight differently than in 4u

    Spike Wyvern ZillaSpike Wyvern ZillaАй мурун
  • Hope it still has that move where it picks up the whole fucking continent and chuck it at the player's face lol.

    Tsun Yin LiTsun Yin LiАй мурун
  • What if Capcom do a 'bone treatment' to furious rajang set ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Bryan LeeBryan LeeАй мурун
  • More stressful than fun

    Eru IlúvatarEru IlúvatarАй мурун
  • In gen ult I think Rajang has to be Grank to do the triple sonic slam

    MarcozeeMarcozeeАй мурун
  • well for all the newbies of the Monster Hunter, what is a Furious Rajang? the answer is simple: he is death incarnate, the source of PTSD and the bane of Monster Hunter Veterans and i'm not even joking lol newcomers will finally know the pain of MH vets to this neverending raging ape of absolute death

    Kento/賢人Kento/賢人Ай мурун
  • I hope they don’t mess up the armor but I highly doubt it

    AuronAuronАй мурун
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="102">1:42</a> That boar knocked me over a lot of times in the past MH games resulting in my death, good job killing that thing.

    Kurisu MKurisu MАй мурун
  • Respect 💣

    Jenny AguilarJenny AguilarАй мурун
  • Imagine Rajang but he's furious.

    Paul MimsPaul MimsАй мурун