Custom $10,000 Shoes For James Charles!! 👟🎨 ft. James Charles (Giveaway)

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  • 2:57 wait for it... Add

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  • 2:57 wait for it... Add

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  • Can you design me a phone case with that galaxy theme plz !!😭

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  • Those shoes are dummy thick bruh

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  • wowww 😮😮

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  • But my mom doesn’t let me have insta

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  • James is sooooooo good at art

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  • Sister nice

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  • I thing James said omg 10000000times

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  • Does it lose or gain value

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  • I love the fact when you said hey sister like Lol

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  • 4:32 music??

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  • Yes, Zach IS awesome, but are we gonna ignore the fact, that James drew the cutest butterflies I’ve ever seen?

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  • Happy to see people happy don’t bash james charles I think he’s trying to change 😊

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  • Next video customising a dog and giving it to Logan Paul

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  • No offence but James Charles once looked like a creepypasta.

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  • Ahoj or hiii i love your drowing skils are you nice

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  • I like the way you realise your creativity to the world ☺️

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  • The fact you could buy these things and have them for yourself but have the worlds kindest Heart to give them to people! You’re such a genuine amazing person and you’re such a inspiration ❤️

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  • Can we talk about how good James looks without make up?!

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  • best reaction ever!!!

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  • James is just so sweet 🥺

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  • He spends a lot of money for other people but not him

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  • James Charles:are u kidding(in a squeaky voice)

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  • Frikin love customized videos!

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  • ZHC:*Giving free iphones,tesla and other but... me:How about his phone

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  • I hope i win my dream phone

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  • Yay sisters!!!

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  • His reaction made my heart sing

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  • i need one i'm stuck on 6s, love your videos

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  • Awww, this was so nice, zhc you are such a nice, creative person, keep being you!:) (The iPhone 11’s custom at the end turned out amazing!.)

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  • Wow that so cool

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  • Your face when you hugged him at the end

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  • James Charles is a ghei

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  • I do this pls im winn ZNC and James Plsssss

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  • ZHC is so great he has such a talent in drawing he does all these giveaways for us and it’s crazy!!!but most people don’t realize that it is helping people to the giveaways can get you a better job because you don’t necessarily have to have an electronics but it helps you stay in contact with your work or if you need help so ZHC I hope you know you are soooo talented and you have a gift I just hope I win though.

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  • Please get me one I am such a fan of James Charles And I really want iPhone 11

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