Telling our dogs they're adopted (Emotional) (YIAY #491)

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  • #yiaysong Chrismas Christmas Christmas oooooo

    Danielbe TAKDanielbe TAK3 саат мурун
  • #YIAYsong Now let me ask you kids a question “What’s your favourite holiday” And if you said anything besides Christmas then your super extra mega gay

    Newt natoNewt nato3 саат мурун
  • Ok Boomer

    Dave From Domino'sDave From Domino's3 саат мурун
  • can we get a full "i am not actually your dad"

    SuscribbleSuscribble4 саат мурун
  • #YIAYsong no u

    Robert KRobert K4 саат мурун
  • That doormat is the icing on the cake.

    NerdWorldNerdWorld4 саат мурун
  • #YIAYsong I’ll meet you under the mistletoe

    Smart MonsterSmart Monster6 саат мурун
  • #YIAYsong Creepy Uncle Jack flies in today

    Smart MonsterSmart Monster6 саат мурун
  • #YIAYsong Hallmark on the TV every day

    Smart MonsterSmart Monster6 саат мурун
  • #YIAYsong Gift? Here’s some socks for you

    Smart MonsterSmart Monster6 саат мурун
  • #YIAYsong Time with family makes me want to die

    Smart MonsterSmart Monster6 саат мурун
  • #YIAYsong Merry Christmas, Go Watch YIAY

    Smart MonsterSmart Monster6 саат мурун
  • I am not actually your dad Ayo I just adopted you And I am not actually your dad Ima adopt you from the local shelter I prolly shouldn’t brag but I’m a good person

    Carson Wilson•8 Years AgoCarson Wilson•8 Years Ago6 саат мурун
  • Not to be rude but Jenna marble dogs are better -.- ok

    Wolfy_ MoonWolfy_ Moon6 саат мурун
  • #YIAYsong Sorry, no uwus Im so sorry

    kenzie.that.readerkenzie.that.reader7 саат мурун
  • #YIAYSong So Jingle those hips like it's Christmas Day

    Powerhouse Studios XIIPowerhouse Studios XII9 саат мурун
  • #yiaysong I love Christmas it is great But remember it only snows when Santa masterbates

    Zyah's blogs aka peep lordZyah's blogs aka peep lord9 саат мурун
  • #YIAYsong Who even cares about jesus on christmas anymore, not me

    *.*. Super Girl RBLX .*.**.*. Super Girl RBLX .*.*9 саат мурун
  • #YIAYsong He seems to be a creep Don’t you agree? 🎄

    Maureen PastoreMaureen Pastore9 саат мурун
  • "I am not actually your dad, I am not actually your dad"

    Addisyn KrellAddisyn Krell9 саат мурун
  • #YIAYsong "a light switch turns me on"

    matty 9009matty 900910 саат мурун
  • Yuri-tarded

    Marko PerisicMarko Perisic11 саат мурун
  • you should get some condoms for your husband

    golden marshmallow guygolden marshmallow guy11 саат мурун
  • I cant believe he would make them push his merch and they aint even related. (In the arms of the angels far away)

    mischa bartonmischa barton13 саат мурун
  • #YIAYsong Jack the big forehead reindeer always got teased so we shouted out gleefully

    Christmas Som3 G.U.IChristmas Som3 G.U.I13 саат мурун
  • Wait why’d I just get a notification right now? this was posted 5 days ago and i’ve already seen it...

    Elizabeth GallagherElizabeth Gallagher15 саат мурун
  • “If don’t watch YIAY you won’t get them Christmas presents”

    BluPepsBluPeps16 саат мурун
  • word for the christmas song... *"Fatty"*

    Aaron LawsAaron Laws16 саат мурун
  • damn, so people are still trying to be Pewdiepie? *That's sad*

    Aaron LawsAaron Laws16 саат мурун
  • #YIAYSong "I saw Santa wrestling with my Mommy"

    Meme LoverMeme Lover16 саат мурун
  • #yiaysong Ho Ho Ho

    pablo diego jose Fransisco de paulo numerioispablo diego jose Fransisco de paulo numeriois17 саат мурун
  • 1:57 That couldn’t have been a real yiay vid because it didn’t have a sponsor. Good thing Klondike asked for one.

    Dizzle WizzleDizzle Wizzle18 саат мурун
  • I don't celebrate it

    İremİrem20 саат мурун
  • Ok but can we stop joking about like “I’m not your dad” “oh you’re adopted!” Jokes like that suck for people who are actually adopted. We have normally live with our adoption family since a very young age and feel the same way normal kids do towards their parents. I am their child and they are my parents, I just happened to not be theirs biologically. I’m so happy my parents adopted me because otherwise I don’t know how bad my life would be, so please stop joking about it so much But just so you know I did still like the video

    Life Through A LensLife Through A Lens20 саат мурун
  • Santa ain't Satan But he is sure Satanic #YAIYsong

    Herpy derpHerpy derp21 саат мурун
  • Hmmm interesting

    Herpy derpHerpy derp21 саат мурун
  • What I thought they were your children

    Super Joseph LoganSuper Joseph Logan22 саат мурун
  • #yiay song all I want for christmas is daaad.

    milla yliharsilamilla yliharsila22 саат мурун
  • Less than 10 away from 500

    JAVAJAVAКүн мурун
  • The rug in the background 😂

    The world SwirlsThe world SwirlsКүн мурун